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“Learn How to Build a Portfolio of Profitable Robust Trading Strategies”


Hello, I’m A Casey, a business entrepreneur, an avid reader, and a passionate trader. I have a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and countless certificates from educational courses. I lived in many places around the world, and now I reside in Toronto, Canada.

I launched several businesses in the past 20 years, sold a few of them for profit and closed some at a loss. I made my first 6 figure trading profit at the end of the dot com bubble, only to lose it all and then some in the crash afterward. I thought I knew everything at the time, but obviously, I was just inside the dot com bubble.

In the 2000s, I was in and out of trading, never spending enough time to treat it seriously as a business as it should be, but always looking for the holy grail strategy or indicator (hint: it doesn't exist).

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In the past decade I have been blessed to be able to invest in hedge funds, which opened my eyes to how simple strategies can be profitable yet robust.

I read a lot of books, some good and some garbage, but Micahel Covel Turtles book was really an eye opener on how simple algos can generate wealth. I took a handful of courses with some of the top systematic traders and manage to combine the best of what I learned with my own research to reach a powerful development workflow that produces robust algorithms (trading systems). Still the workflow needed a lot of programming which is not easy to accomplish without dedicating many hours for it, but the last 2 years saw many advancements in software tools, where they became cheaper and more powerful, coupled with continuous power increase in the hardware, it is now easy to do what hedge funds used to do just 5 years ago.

If you are suffering from poor performance, or don’t know how to start, then this site will help you achieve success. StatOasis is about algorithmic trading. How to generate robust trading systems, and combine them into portfolios, with Risk Management to achieve your financial goals.

What Will I Get From This Site?

The goal of this site is to take traders from all levels and elevate their knowledge with genuine powerful concepts, that if they follow through on it, they will be a consistent successful trader.

Why Many Traders Fail?

Percentage of traders who fail are different depending on the source, but they are all north of 75%, which is a lot of traders losing their money to others. To be successful you need the following ingredients:

Knowledge: like any other profession, you need to properly learn the foundations and like other professions, there are bad degrees and good degrees, which in trading equate to scams and successful traders/mentors.

Effort: you need to put a lot of effort to apply the knowledge you got and to peruse coaching/mentoring. You need to be curious always and open to new ideas, and always be discipline to follow your methodology.

Experience: regardless of the hours spent on reading, time spent under coaching/mentoring, nothing will replace actual experience. The more you do it with the above two points the better you will be at making money.

Discipline: it doesn't matter how good you are at planning, but if you don't follow your systems and rules that are placed after research with a calm head, then you will fall victim to your emotions.

Mentor: finally, a mentor will go very far in getting you to a stage where you will be comfortable with trading, and it's psychological difficulties and will shorten your learning curve.

Investopedia have a light article that shed more light on the subject, you can read about it here.

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There are many ways to make money in the markets. This site is all about how to make money using algorithms. This is not new, in fact 100 billions of dollars are deployed every year in the financial markets using algorithms.

You don’t need to be an MIT graduate, or have a Ph.D. in math, or have millions in infrastructure. In fact you can use the same tools that cost hedge funds millions of dollars five years ago, for thousands of dollars today. Technology in software and hardware, coupled with world markets availability, cheap commissions, enable anyone today armed with the right tools and the right knowledge to make money and grow their net worth.

This site is about teaching you how to do it and succeed at it.

How to make money consistently in the financial markets?

StatOasis YouTube channel hosts multiple videos about Strategy Building, Trading, Algorithmic Software Platforms. Also there are videos about general finance and investments. The goal of the channel is to show you how to invest your hard earned money and if you have the time and the will, how to build and test robust strategies and other trading ideas to build your own portfolio.

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