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Below are special offers at no extra cost to you, on the contrary, most of them offer discounts, longer trials, special packages, etc.
I only put links for tools and services that I use in my investing, trading journey.

Join now and unlock many benefits. The exclusive Discord traders/investment community, TAA portfolio signals, Seasonal stocks portfolio signals, exclusive live & recorded streams where you can ask me questions. A history of all my conversations on Discord starting June 2021.

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Create your own algo-strategies without programming

StrategyQuant X is the most powerful platform to generate, develop and research algo trading strategies with a click of a button.


Seasonax' award-winning algorithms and analytical tool shows you how to apply recurring seasonal patterns to your daily trades.

Make use of the Seasonax stock screener and automatically identify strong and weak trading signals starting from a specific date.

Spotting trading opportunities has never been so easy.

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Allocate Smartly tracks the industry's best Tactical Asset Allocation strategies, with thorough, up to date backtests.

Members can combine multiple strategies with the click of a button to create their own custom Model Portfolios.

Send money to 50+ currencies at mid-market exchange rate and transparent upfront fee.

Use Wise debt card and spend in any currency. Receive money for free and send money around the world.

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