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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Hello, my name is Ali Casey, I am an entrepreneur, investor, and trader. My website/social channels/community aims to take traders from all levels and elevate their knowledge with genuine powerful concepts. Learn how to invest and trade the right way. STOP Losing Money In The Financial Markets and take control of your financial future.

I started this community with 10 traders, wanting to help as much as possible. The community snowballed to hundreds with more than 35 live questions and streams answering more than 450 questions, which all are accessible to search through the Q&A database to easily find the answers you are looking for. Also, you will be able to participate in future live Q&A streams.

If you want to join a group of people interested in trading or investing, then join StatOasis community to interact with like-minded individuals, and talk about trading, investing, software tools, options, futures, stocks, forex, ask questions, and much more.

Join now and unlock all these benefits. The exclusive community, multiple portfolios with signals, and frequently exclusive lives streams where you can ask me questions. A searchable collection of +450 video answers. Digital downloads mentioned on StatOasis YouTube channel, and future Special Offers.

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  • Absolutely zero cost to join the community and interact with other like-minded people. 

  • I will share exclusive content from time to time with this group.

  • take polls and request videos that you want to see on StatOasis Youtube channel.

  • Free voice chat with other members.

  • A database of software tools valuable to traders

  • Special offers!

  • Everything in Free

  • Live Q&A sessions, where you get to ask your questions and get answers with video illustrations if applicable.

  • Access previous live Q&A stream recordings.

  • More than 450 questions have already been answered on video.

  • Free downloads of custom SQX blocks, EasyLanguage code and PowerLanguage code that is mentioned on some videos on StatOasis YouTube channel.

  • Share your trading ideas, books, indicators with other members.

  • Free voice chat with other VIP members.

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  • Everything in VIP

  • Investment portfolios for special accounts like tax sheltered accounts (IRA, 401K, RRSP, RESP, etc.)

  • Different equity profile for each portfolio.

  • Trading Long only Stocks & ETFs.

  • Monthly signals, easy to follow, once a month set and forget.

  • Trading multiple markets through ETF representation, like commodities, interest rates, indexes, metals, with some portfolio hedges.

  • Some portfolios are already a combination of multiple portfolios with a goal to smooth the equity curve.

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New platform launch discount!


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