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StrategyQuant X Exclusive Offer

I use StrategyQuant X to build robust trading strategies. The software is very powerful and it's been updated very frequently. I love this software as it saves me hundreds if not thousands of hours in development.

It is one of the best algo building packages available for retail traders and it is pulling away from competition very fast by updating the software frequently to make it robust and up to date with new development in the trading world.

I have written a short review (StrategyQuant X Review), and I published a training series on my YouTube channel (bit.ly/statoasis-yt), I highly recommend you invest in this package. It will save you thousands of hours, frustrations, and money if you are interested in systematic trading at all.

You can download a trial version of StrategyQuant X, and if you decide to invest in it, use this code StatOasis to save 23% over and above any publicly offered discount that StrategyQuant X offering.

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