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I love adding diversification to my portfolio whatever way I can. Seasonal patterns are one of those excellent ways to diversify your portfolio.

Finding those patterns is not easy, and if you know me or watch my YouTube channel, then you know that I am all about automation and saving time in every aspect of trading.

Seasonax is one of the best all-around tools on the net to find seasonal patterns. there is no data to download or software to install, it is just an online tool that let's find seasonal patterns in a beautiful graphical interface.

I have written a short review (Seasonax Review), and I published a training series on my YouTube channel (bit.ly/statoasis-yt), I highly recommend adding this tool to your arsenal. It will save you hundreds of hours, frustrations, and money if you are interested in diversifying your systematic portfolio at all.

Of course, as usual, I always try to get you the best deal possible on any tool I recommend and the team behind Seasonax was kind enough to give a 20% discount for anyone who uses my link. You can get a free version of Seasonax with 20 financial instruments and full historical data, and if you decide to take full advantage of what Seasonax offers, then use this LINK and you will save 20% on any plan you subscribe.

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