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"Learn how to build algorithms without any programming knowledge"

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A lot of people think to make money in algorithmic trading they need to learn to program and have an IT guy supporting them.

It's not true, in order to make money, you need a powerful proven methodology to build many robust trading systems and combine them in a portfolio. That's how you make money in trading.

The 'Algo Trading Masterclass' will teach you how to build robust strategies without programming, using time-saving software tools, automation, robustness testing, portfolio building, position sizing, to achieve success in live trading. In this masterclass you will learn the following:

  • Building Algorithms: How to build algorithms automatically using software without any programming.

  • Automation: How to automate your strategy building process, including filtering, optimization, robustness, storing, etc.

  • Robustness Testing: Use the latest hedge fund's methodologies to research and backtest strategies to rapidly validate new ideas robustness, to filter out under performing strategies and only hold the ones that keep their edge in the future.

  • Monte Carlo Analysis: How to stop your trading account from risk of ruin, and instead grow your account to a fortune.

  • Inter-market Algos: Build strategies that uses different streams of data to trade another set of data, e.g. trade S&P500 futures based on US Short Maturity Bonds.

  • Trade Management: Adapt trade management approaches to different type of strategies, to maximize returns.

  • Templates: Use different templates to build strategies for different time of day, seasonality, market regime, etc.

  • Portfolio Construction: How to assemble a portfolio of algorithms using multiple variables to reduce portfolio volatility and to achieve your financial goals.

  • Position Sizing: How to use different position sizing approaches to achieve your financial goad.

  • Algo Monitor: How to monitor strategy performance, what to look for to stop strategies before their performance deteriorates and when to add new ones.

  • The above methodology is a long-term approach that applies to all asset classes, so you can develop and trade any market.

Algo Trading Mastercalss is not currecntly open for enrollment.

I care a lot about supporting masterclass students. So I try to limit the number of students enrolled at the same time, so as to provide the best support possible.

Please enter your email address below, and we will send you more details when the enrollment opens again soon.